IDMEF Framework Dotnet Dotnet library to create IDMEF objects and export them in XML.
DILCA РDistributed   IDMEF Logical Correlation Architecture DILCA is a distributed logical correlation and reaction architecture featuring collection and correlation of IDMEF formatted log events (Intrusion Detection Message Exchange Format РRFC 4765) through a multi-step signature based system.
XML::IDMEF РA perl module for building / parsing IDMEF messages is an interface for simply creating and parsing IDMEF messages. IDMEF is an XML based protocol designed mainly for representing Intrusion Detection (IDS) alert messages.  
Other module for creating/parsing IDMEF messages
Snort IDMEF Plugin Snort IDMEF is an IDMEF XML plugin for Snort to output alert events in the form of IDMEF messages. The plugin is compatible with Snort 2.x.
A Broccoli server to send IDMEF alerts via Prelude
Converter for the IDMEF format
IDMEF Parser
An IDMEF alerting library for distributed IDPS