IODEFLIB Python library to create, parse and edit cyber incident reports using the IODEF XML format (RFC 5070).
RT-IODEF Perl module for translating RT tickets to IODEF messages and also maps IODEF to RT’s Custom Fields based on their description tag.
Mantis IODEF Importer An IODEF (v1.0) importer for the Mantis Cyber Threat Intelligence Mgmt. Framework.
ArcSight-IODEF-Perl A perl module to convert arcsight xml to a standardized iodef message
IODEF Implementations Snort IDMEF is an IDMEF XML plugin for Snort to output alert events in the form of IDMEF messages. The plugin is compatible with Snort 2.x.
IODEF Pb This library maps IODEF (RFC 5070) to the google protocol buffer serialization library
XML :: IODEF – A perl module for easily creating/parsing IODEF Documents
Stix output formatter for : Iodef::Pb::Simple
Library for parsing IODEF in PHP