SECEF | Workshops phase 2

The second phase of the SECEF project will last approximatly from 2019 to 2022.

TASK 2020-2021

  • Creation of the IDMEF community
  • Initiation of IETF exchange to create the IDMEF WG
  • State of art on intrusion detection alert format and future needs
  • Specification of IDMEF v2 format
  • Specification of IDMEF v2 transport
  • IDMEF v1 simulator
  • IDMEF v1 promotion

Tasks 2021-2022

  • Specification and development of IDMEF v2 format implementation
  • Specification and development of IDMEF v2 transport implementation
  • Research and development on storage and machine learning on IDMEF v2 format

Tasks 2022-2023

  • IDMEF V2 simulator
  • IDMEF v2 real life experimentation
  • Hoppefully IDMEF v2 standardisation