SECEF | Consortium

CS Communication & Systems

CS Communication & Systems is an information-technology service company. The company designs information systems, develops and integrates software; manages projects and deploys industrial applications and provides science, technology and consulting services.

logo CSCS has recognised expertise in cyber-security and intrusion detection. CS is editor of two major cybersecurity solutions Prelude SIEM and Vigilo NMS. Prelude SIEM implements for more than 10 years now the IDMEF standard format.

CS is the initiator and coordinator of the SECEF project.

Telecom Sud Paris

Telecom SudParis is a leading graduate school of engineering and part of Institut Mines-Télécom, the reference Institute for Information and Communication Technology in France.


TSP will be working on :

  • relation with IETF and standardisation process of the IDMEF
  • definition and benchmarking of the new IDMEF v2


Founded in Paris in 1894, CentraleSupélec is one of most prestigious engineering school in France, ranked as one of the top in its field. It has a recognized expertise in the domain of intrusion detection, with numerous publications on that topic during the last ten years.

logo centrale supélec

Centrale Supelec will be working on :

  • standardisation process of the IDMEF
  • definition and benchmarking of the new IDMEF v2

Cyber Test Systems

Cyber Test Systems is a SME compagny composed of experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field of cyber defense training. The Cyber Test Systems mission is to train private, public and government organizations to prevent cyber-crises by anticipating them and training their teams to the maximum level of challenges and risks.

 logo cyber test systems

Cyber Test Systems will be working on :

  • Standardisation process of the IDMEF
  • Deployment of an IDMEFV1 and an IDMEFv2 simulator


Teclib is a multicompetency company specialized in open-source solutions. Teclib has developped a securised OS for Mobile (Uhuru).

logo teclib

Teclib will be working on :

  • Development of a Java implementation of IDMEFv2 for IOT

IMS Network

IMS Networks is a SME that has ISO 27001 certification from AFNOR for the supply of IP transit and site interconnection services. The company designs, deploys and operates highly critical and secure telecommunications networks and services.

logo ims networks

IMS Network will be working on :

  • Operator expertise on the day to day use of the IDMEF standard in a SOC (Security Operating Center)