The major goal of the SECEF project is the promotion of standard security formats like IDMEF (RFC 4765). We need all the possible help to achieve this goal. We need to create a public international community. Everyone is welcome !

  • Security experts
  • Open-source developers
  • Academic researcher, students
  • Probes and SIEM editors
  • Public and private SIEM and SOC manager and operators

There are many ways to participate:

  • Read the tutorials and resources about IDMEF and get trained,
  • Test the IDMEF implementation ( with Prelude OSS and various oss tools),
  • Bring your own comments or questions in mailing list,
  • Talk about the project and the format around you,
  • Implement the IDMEF format in your security software,
  • Publish your own article about IDMEF implementation,
  • etc.

As for a start, join the SECEF public mailing list (low traffic) to keep inform about the project.

The SECEF Team

July 2018