New IDMEFv2 Website

Plain new IDMEFv2 website dedicated to the promotion of the format : This website will host all information about the IDMEFv2 format and the standardization efforts : Documentation and tutorials IDMEFv2 tools and libraries IDMEFv2 mailing list and blog etc. The SECEF Team

New IDMEFv2 GitHub

Following the publication of the two IDMEFv2 IETF Internet Draft a new IDMEFv2 GitHub has been created to host all the software developed by the consortium. SECEF tools are published in open-source so everyone can use, test, modify and improve it. Have a try : The SECEF Team

IETF DRAFTS Submission

After two years of specification and experimentation, the two first IDMEFv2 IETF Drafts have been published in the official Datatracker. The road to standardization is still very long and uncertain but this is definitely a very important first step ! This is the V00 version. It’s usable but imperfect. The V01 one will Read more about IETF DRAFTS Submission[…]

SECEF (2) official start

The SECEF (2) project has officialy started. The project will last until August 2023. The first worshop of the project is a large domain analysis. Due to Covid first results might be a little late but will be published as soon as possible. Stay tuned SECEF Consortium


Introduction by Gilles Lehmann, SECEF project manager – CS SECEF project presentation IDMEF et IODEF standard formats Overview : Regulatory constraints Workshops presentation The standard formats ISI/ETSI and its complementarity with IDMEF by Hervé Debar – Telecom Sud Paris Comparison/complementarity with  IODEF, ICT OASIS (STIX, Cybox, TAXII) et OpenIOC formats by Guillaume Hiet – Centrale Read more about SECEF DAY 2016[…]


  The Prelude Team and its partners Telecom SudParis and Centrale Supelec will present the project SECEF results on September 21th of 2016 at the Espace Saint Martin in Paris.   PROGRAM   IDMEF (RFC 4765) and IODEF (RFC 5070) formats Impact of the adoption of these formats in the french administration (RGI v2) Synergy Read more about SECEF DAY 2016 – September 21th – ESPACE SAINT MARTIN – PARIS[…]