Introduction by Gilles Lehmann, SECEF project manager - CS

  • SECEF project presentation
  • IDMEF et IODEF standard formats
  • Overview : Regulatory constraints
  • Workshops presentation
The standard formats
  • ISI/ETSI and its complementarity with IDMEF by Hervé Debar - Telecom Sud Paris
  • Comparison/complementarity with  IODEF, ICT OASIS (STIX, Cybox, TAXII) et OpenIOC formats by Guillaume Hiet - Centrale Supelec
  • Library LibIODEF, LibIDMEF, LibPrelude by Thomas Andrejak - SECEF Technical manager

 RGI, feedback and partnership

  • RGI by Antoine Cao - Technical expert SIC at SGMAP/DINSIC Prime Minister Services
  • Feedback from de Ministry of Defence by Laurent Villemin - DGA - MI - Intrusion Detection Labs
  • Prelude SIEM and the IDMEF partnership - CS by Gilles Lehmann

Partners : Security probes stories 

  • NIDS high performance : Stamus Network by Eric Leblond
  • Global SSO : ILEX - Sign & Go by Thierry Bettini and Guillaume Guerrin
  • Anti-DDoS : 6cure Threat Protection by Jouni Viinikka
  • ARMADITO : Teclib by François Déchelle

Conclusion on the potential futur of the SECEF project