The first SECEF DAY has been a huge success


with a important number of participants who all enjoyed the presentations.


During those three hours of conference, the SECEF team presented the first result of the projects with detailled comparisons of the diverse formats used in cybersecurity :

  • Introduction on incidents and alerts formats and the reglementation –  G. Lehmann (CS)
  • Presentation of the IDMEF and IODEF formats – G. Lehmann (CS)
  • The SECEF projects – G. Lehmann (CS)
  • The context and history of other works of standardisation – H. Debarr (TSP)
  • Overview of the incidents formats : ISI/ETSI, IODEF, STIX/CyBOX/TAXII, OpenIOC – H. Debar (TSP)
  • A detailed oveview of the differents alert formats : IDMEF (RFC 4765), CEF (HP-ArcSight), LEEF (IBM-QRadar), SDEE (Cisco), CEE (Mitre), CIM (DTMF), XDAS/CADF (OpenGroup) – G. Hiet (CentraleSupelec)
  • Conclusion and perspectives – G. Lehmann (CS)

You will find below:

Have a nice viewing,

The SECEF team