Since IDMEF and IODEF standards are included in French “General Interoperability Framework” (RGI), we have presented a draft version of Open Source GPL v2 libidmef and libiodef at “Symposium sur la Sécurité des Technologies de l’Information et des Communications” 2016.


The libIDMEF library is based on libPrelude known for it’s security, stability and performances. It help you to manipulate IDMEF objets through the IDMEF Path design. It is available in C, C++ and Python.


Similar work are done on IODEF. As we said, we release a draft version of libIODEF to manipulate IODEF objets. It’s the same approch than IDMEF so you can find IODEF Path and different languages : C, C++ and Python.


Here are the repositories :



You can also find the slides we presented at SSTIC in french : IDMEF_IODEF_SSTIC_2016