SECEF Frequently Asked Questions

What does SECEF mean ?

SECEF means SECurity Exchange Format. The name is inspired of “EF” is IDMEF and IODEF.

What does IDMEFv2 mean ?

IDMEFv2 means Incident Detection Message Exchange Format.

Note: IDMEFv1 meant Intrusion Detection, IDMEFv2 is wider with Incident (including Intrusion).

What is the relationship between and ?

SECEF is a consortium financed through a public research project. is a wider initiative including SECEF members as well as many other contributions. will host information about the project, hosts information about the format and it’s way to standardization.

How can I stay tuned with SECEF evolution?

The SECEF Website will gather all the information about the project.

You can subscribe to the IDMEFv2 mailing list to stay informed and/or to participate.

How can I participate to SECEF and to the definition of IDMEF v2?

Please visit this link to the “How to join” the initiative.

Is SECEF a “French” project?

SECEF is driven by a French consortium but the task force is international project as it aims to define an international standard.

Who should be interested in SECEF / IDMEFv2?

All actors of the cybersecurity market should care about open standards. Concerning IDMEF the first concerned are:

  • cyber/physical security tool developer: SIEM, IDS, Firewall, Anti-virus, etc.
  • cyber/physical security team (CERT, CIRST, SOC, etc.)
  • cyber/physical security tool buyers
  • Academics, cybersecurity students
  • Governments, international organization
  • Critical infrastructure and smart systems operators
  • Etc.