What does SECEF stands for ?

SECEF is SECurity Exchange Format. The name is inspired of “EF” is IDMEF and IODEF.

How can I stay tuned with SECEF evolution?

The SECEF Website will gather all the information about the project.

You can subscribe to the SECEF mailing list to stay informed and/or to participate.

How can I participate to SECEF and to the definition of IDMEF v2?

First thing you have to do is to read (at least skim read) the RFC 4765 which define the IDMEF format. You can also read the first version of proposal of evolution for IDMEFv2.

Then you should subscribe to the SECEF mailing list and follow exchange about the format and possibly participate.

Is SECEF a “French” project?

No. SECEF is driven by a French consortium but it is definitely an International project as it aims to define an international standard.

Who should be interested in SECEF / IDMEF?

All actors of the cybersecurity market should care about open standards. Concerning IDMEF the first concerned are:

  • cybersecurity tool developer: SIEM, IDS, Firewall, Anti-virus, etc.
  • cybersecurity team (CERT, CIRST, SOC, etc.)
  • cybersecurity tool buyers
  • Academics, cybersecurity students
  • Governments, international organization
  • Etc.